Our Studs

We are happy to announce that our boys have been genetically tested are are fully negative for PK Deficiency

Champion Whoze Yur Daddy (aka Jesse) dob 9/12

This sweet boy has a great profile, fantastic tail, rounded ears and glittered rosettes. His mother is Zazen Wyld Jazzmyn and his Sire is Vladimir. We look forward to his future in our program. In his very first show he became a Champion Cat and he produces gorgeous babies with fabulous pattern and whited tummies.

Rain Forest Tribal Essence of Zazen “Hunter”

Our deepest gratitude to Jaen Treesinger for entrusting her line of gorgeous cats to our program. This boy is absolutely incredible – he has it all, wild type, small rounded ears, large nocturnal eyes, thick tail, excellent contrast and color and he is loving and has a sweet personality. We can’t wait for him to give our girls as much loving as he does his rope toy (he hangs on it and nuzzles it and licks it for hours)