Available kittens

We try to keep the pictures updated weekly. Please remember that kittens do not leave to go to new homes until they are at least 12 weeks old and have had two vaccinations and have been dewormed. They are also usually spayed/neutered before they go to their new homes. Every cat in our cattery has been tested negative for Felv and FIV. Our kittens are PKD N/N by parentage. We maintain contact with our purchased kittens to confirm that going back to our original breeding pair (who are now over ten years old) there have not been any cases of confirmed HCM in any of the cats we have produced. If you have questions about new kittens please call us at 720-939-5853 If you are interested in adopting a kitten we usually have a waiting list, so call me if you want to learn how that works.

Current Wait List for SBT kittens

(our wait list is open we plan for kittens that will be ready for the holidays)

Zazen Imperial Zanzibar x Zazen Whooze Yur Daddy born 9=6-15

Silver and Brown Kittens, Spots and Marbles 5 kittens available

F2 Sultana x Zazen Whooze yur Daddy Born 8-4-15

Pix soon -One gorgeous Golden Male available as a perfect companion

F2 Rajah Early Generation male

More info about early generation kittens that might become available

Early generation cats are different in the way they bond with others than regular domestic cats. Early generation cats tend to bond very closely with one person and though they love other family members, they always have a special person who is their favorite. All EG cats have very fast reflexes, they are very intelligent, and very easy to stimulate. They are more cautious around strangers until they get to know them and realize they are safe. This is a cat for a more experienced cat person not because they are wild or dangerous, but because genetically they are a bit more primitive and intense in their reactions than regular domestic cats.

Feel free to contact us about future litters

(Note – F2 kittens come in small litters of usually 1 or 2 kittens so if you are interested contact us to talk with us about getting on a wait list soon. F2 males are only sold as pets as they are not fertile)

This is the future patterns we seek in our bengals