Available Adults

We are retiring the following adults and they are available for adoption to loving forever homes. Adopting a retired Queen or Stud is a wonderful opportunity to bring a show quality, healthy cat into your lives at a very reasonable adoption cost. All retired breeders are up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered before leaving our home.

We have no cats for adoption at this time

Adopting a Foundation cat (if one comes available)

As I have remarked before, foundation cats are very sensitive and when they bond with a person they do so tightly. We had kept him originally to be Barry’s cat since all the others bonded more to me. Barry was intimidated by him and so Nicki really didn’t bond to either of us at least not in the way that bengals usually do. So I am making him available so that his highness can interview potential adoptors. I believe he would be happiest with only one or two other pets and in a home without young children. The only reason I usually don’t place Early Generation cats in homes with children is not because they are ‘wild’ or ‘dangerous’ – it’s just that when they choose their ‘favorite person’ they tend to ignore other people and this can be hard enough for adults but can be emotionally devastating to children. It becomes a “Why doesn’t kitty like me?” and it’s hard to explain to a young child about animal bonding – much easier to adopt an sbt cat who loves and begs from everyone equally (grin)