Choosing a kitten

What is the difference between “Show” and “Pet” quality?

All bengals are beautiful; however, some come closer to conforming to the official TICA standard that tells us what qualities make up a “Show” bengal. Small differences that are important to judges (conformation to the standard) can make a difference whether a cat would be classified as a ‘show or breeder’ quality cat which can significantly change the price of a kitten.

Some qualities that we look for in a show cat are as follows:

Large puffy whisker pads

Straight nasal profile

Large nocturnal eyes

A strong wide muzzle and chin

Well set small rounded ears

A rounded, domed head that slopes down to shoulders

Very substantial body type with whited belly

Shorter, thicker tail with no kinks or faults

No striped rib bars behind shoulders

Highly contrasted markings with distinct intense coloration

A pattern that flows back from the kittens shoulders to their tail (not vertical stripes)

In example – these siblings are show quality kittens would be sold as breeders or show quality kittens . Even at the age of only 3 weeks, it is obvious they are extremely high quality kittens. If they were for sale, they would be sold as breeder/show quality. They have patterns and head types that we have been developing across four generations from our original lines.

This is a picture of Tabu who is also of Breeder/Show Quality

The kittens pictured below are beautiful, but in some aspect have qualities that would negatively impact their

ability to do well in shows in the TICA Championship class

This kitten has a weak chin, a short muzzle and ears that are pointy and big. Her tail is thin and whippy at the end and she has an unbroken vertical bullseye pattern that is not desireable in a marbled show kitten. None of these qualities affect her health or her ability to be a loving life companion, but they would count against her in the show ring. Thus she is sold as a pet quality cat and not a show cat.

Bengaluvrs Vladimir was one of our studs -he lives in Northern Co with Terry as a beloved companion

Our goal is to produce healthy, high quality, social, loving bengals! We have invested in healthy show quality pedigree cats and most of our kittens could place as Champion quality cats if taken to shows. Some of our kittens do not have the qualities to do well in a show ring and those are sold as pets. And once in a great while, a spectacular kiten comes along that really has a chance of developing into a magnificent kitten. Those kittens can be very expensive and usually we keep them in our breeding program. If you have questions about bengals – please contact us for more information We don’t know everything, but we know a little about a lot of things ­čÖé

Mocha has fantastic marbling

If you are interested in more information or would like us to help you pick the best kitten for you, please fill out the following information about what you are seeking and tell us a little about yourself.
1. Email us with your individual request to

We would want to know

Do you want a spotted or marble bengal?

Is there a particular color you are interested in?

Do you want a male or female?

Do you want a kitten to have as a companion (pet) or breeder?

Is showing the kitten important to you?

Are you interested in a young kitten or an older cat?

One of the things we will want to know is what is most important to you. Some people want a near show quality bengal as a pet for the higher pet price. Others are more interested in finding a good looking bengal to enjoy and showing is not important to them.

Have you had a bengal cat before?

What other animals reside in your home currently? 

What other animals have you owned in the past and what happened to them?

Are you prepared to keep a cat inside at all times and are you willing to contract that you will never have this kitten declawed?

2. We make every effort to find a good match between the kitten/cat and you. We will write you and ask some questions that will help us find a kitten that would work well for you.
3. We ask for a deposit to hold a kitten once you have decided to purchase one. Please read our purchase page for more purchase information.

4. If we do not have a kitten that might be perfect for you ( for example you want a male and we have only females at the moment) we will put you on a wait list for the next available kitten or we can refer you to another breeder who might have kittens available.

5. If you are interested in the kittens available we can send you pix of possible kittens for you . We want you to be happy with your choice.

6. When you have decided on a kitten, you can download the contract to sign and send it to us. The contract is our way of protecting the kitten, ourselves and you. It spells out what we expect from prospective kitten buyers and what you can expect from us.

7. We will be providing you with shipping information, health information, individual characteristics of the kitten, food and water needs, shot history and any other information we can provide to make the transition from our house to yours easier on all concerned.

8. We are always available after purchase to share information we have about bengals, cat care and cat health.